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Brea Bennett at Twistys

June 01, 2011 11:05am
New Column From Eve Rhony
Source: Through Adult Industry News
by: Eve Rhony

All about Eve

Briefly, Iím a professional woman who some would say, "should know better." You see, in my spare time Iím an opportunist sex fiend and my blog has developed into rather a necessity, a way of sharing my lusty tales and laughs without boring my friends (and anyone else whoíll listen) with all this talk about SEX! I love receiving feedback so please comment.

My current posts titled "wedding present" comprise a series of true experiences and fantasies shared by a group of contemporary real women. All written posts are original, copyright © Eve Rhony 2011, so please enjoy!

Eve Rhony Tales of a Lusty Lass
Excerpt from the blog:

"My girlfriend fancies you," the stranger said.

I felt a strange sensation, excitement mixed with an underbelly of fear. She sat down next to me, it was Jilly, the woman I had seen with Helen earlier. As we exchanged eye contact I could see there was no need to fear. By her lascivious grin and sparkly creased up eyes, it was clear that Jilly wasnít threatening me but inviting me. I wasnít sure what to say.

"Oh, em, thatís nice," I stammered pathetically. "Sheíd like to meet you properly, sheís over there."

Jilly pointed across the garden and in the dim light I just about made out the outline of a dark shape, also sitting. It seemed there was another bench across the lawn where they had maybe been sitting and watching me? "By the way, Iím Jilly." "Lucy," I replied as I stood.

In a daze, I followed Jilly across the lawn. As we approached, Helen rose and I saw her teeth, white in the moonlight, glimmer as she smiled happily. Jilly took Helenís face in her hands and snogged her, full on. Was she demonstrating her status, her dominance? Donít forget sheís my girlfriend kind of thing? As they kissed, Helen looked at me over Jillyís shoulder, there was that gaze again. Difficult to see in this light but I was sure that in the kitchen her eyes had looked navy blue. I wasnít sure where to look but had to admit that watching these two strangers kissing, inches in front of me, made my groin stir and a vague tingling sensation began in the pit of my stomach. Jilly broke away.

"Helen, this is Lucy, Lucy Ė Helen," Jilly stood back and Helen stepped forward. The "Hiís" were a little awkward, not sure where to go next.

Me and Helen neednít have worried. Remember that Jilly was the one that introduced Helen to the scene and looked for threesomes wherever and whenever she could. She was an old hand and this occasion was no exception. Before we knew it, Jilly had pushed our heads together and was telling us to kiss hello and play nice! I was shocked but it all happened so quick I didnít have time to protest before Helenís lips were on mine. God they were so soft and warm and tender. Iím sure my knees actually buckled as I melted against her warm body. "Oooh, that looks hot," Jilly said as she came up behind me and wrapped her arms as far as they would reach around us both, nuzzling the nape of my neck. I let out a moan as I felt the two women sandwich me between their warm, ripe bodies.

The kitchen door opened and a broad beam of light searched the garden momentarily. Fearing discovery I flinched and broke the erotic spell. Jilly suggested we move down further toward the bushes at the bottom of the garden. Stumbling in the dark, my senses of taste and smell were heightened. The night smelt sweet and exotic. Mixed in with the honeysuckle I was sure I could smell the feminine sex. I realized I was feeling incredibly horny and for the first time could feel the wetness in my panties.

We reached a suitable spot and Jilly threw down an insubstantial jacket. Helen started unbuttoning my lumberjack shirt and bent to kiss the mounds of flesh that bulged from my bra. Jilly was tugging at my belt and unzipping my jeans, pushing them down to my knees. This combination of activities tipped me off balance and as I stumbled it felt as if four hands pushed me to the ground.

Immediately I was joined on either side by two grinning, almost silent woman. They pulled down my panties and ran their hands across my body, pinching and teasing in all the right places. My body was turned this way then that as Jilly and Helen took turns in exploring my curves and crevasses. Jilly pulled my bra cups down so that my breasts were freed yet still supported. They bulged invitingly and my nipples, rock hard from the cold night air, stung with each lick, nibble or pinch. It seemed like an age that we stayed like this, kissing and fondling. My pussy began to drag on my pelvic muscles with a deep ache and drumming pulse, wanting more. I strained to open my thighs but my legs felt trapped. My Blunderstone boots still firmly on, jeans around my calves, I couldnít open myself up as much as my body tensed with desire.

My moans and simpering became more urgent and I pushed my pelvis up off the ground, urging them forward in their seduction. I felt deliciously helpless. Helen took the hint and slid two wet fingers between my damp thighs and into my creamy hole. Jilly sat up to get a good view. The thought of her watching what Helen was doing to me was really hot and I could feel myself cumming just at that thought...

To
Go to http://everhony.wordpress.com or follow the link below.

Copyright © Eve Rhony 2011

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