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Eva Angelina at Twistys

April 30, 2009 08:25pm
MWA: Mikayla Mendez, Shawna Lenee, Nikki Sexton
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This week we will go from a hot, spicy, young woman to an equally sexy Florida lady. Have I aroused the curiosity of anybody? Good! Then please read on!

Mikayla Mendez

Thursday evening, April 23rd, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino to speak with Mikayla Mendez and to observe her first show of the evening. (Unfortunately, things just weren't going my way exactly as planned, so I had to leave Mikayla's company early.)

For the show I managed to see, Mikayla wore a short, hooded, red cape. She also wore half-length red sleeves. I never noticed if the sleeves were part of a really small top, of if they were simply a pair of sleeves held together with a strap or two for show rather than function. Additionally, Mikayla wore a very short red mini-skirt over a really fluffy, white, crinoline petticoat. (If Mikayla wore anything that might have resembled a bra or a pair of panties, I never saw them.) On her feet, Mikayla wore a pair of white socks with the tops turned down and with lace at the tops. She also wore a pair of black stiletto-heeled shoes with platform soles of moderate height.

Mikayla performed this show to the, ''Lollipop (Rock Remix),'' by Framing Hanley, ''Sex and Candy,'' by Marcy Playground, ''Tainted Love,'' and, ''the Dope Show,'' both by Marilyn Manson.

Mikayla's stage performances are so good as the majority of the feature dancers touring today, and her interaction with the tip rail patrons is generally quite good.

Mikayla is beautiful, has long black hair, stands five feet eight inches tall, and weighs one hundred twenty-nine pounds. Also, she has told me in the past that her measures are 32D-28-36. However, I find it hard to believe that her bust measurement is least than around 34, but I am not about to argue with a woman so hot as Mikayla! I will say one thing, and that is the fact that Mikayla looks positively edible!

Mikayla is not only a lovely and very hot Hispanic beauty, she is also sweet, very friendly, and she is a lot of fun to speak and flirt with, especially when she already knows a person. She additionally loves to meet and chat with her fans!

All-in-all, Mikayla is well worth the drive to a nearby club to see her perform and to meet her in person. So, I don't want anybody to allow the door to hit them in the butt on their way out to their cars!

There still doesn't seem to be an official website for Mikayla, but some good photos of her can be found at LADirectModels.com. There are also a lot of unofficial sites to be found on the Internet that have interesting photos of Mikayla. One that I've seen is: BustyMikayla.com.

Shawna Lenee

Friday, April 24Th, I drove out to the Rialto Spearmint Rhino to see if Shawna Lenee would remember meeting me at the, ''Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge,'' premiere last November and to observe her shows of the evening. (She knew we had met before, but she wasn't certain where.)

For various reasons, including picking my other half up from the hospital and taking her home, I arrived at the club late and walked in just in time to see Shawna dancing in a black G-string and a pair of black, stiletto- heeled shoes.

When I arrived, Shawna was right in the middle of dancing to, ''So What,'' by Pink. Her last song for this performance was, ''Keeps Getting Better,'' by Christina Aguilera.

To start her second show, Shawna wore a red plastic firefighter's helmet and a neon yellow suspenders and belt rig similar to what a firefighter would wear. She also wore a black, long-sleeved, mini-dress that had red lapels, sizable red cuffs, a red patch on the right sleeve, and it had LAFD spelled out in large red letters across the butt. Additionally, Shawna wore a red fishnet halter-style top. Shawna also wore a red, fishnet, garter belt and mid-thigh length hose that alternated between half-inch wide strips of sheer black and vertical solid black stripes about a quarter of an inch wide. Finally, she wore a black G-string and the same shoes she wore for her first show. (the shoes went well with both costumes, or at least what little I saw of the first costume.)

This show was performed to, ''When I Grow Up,'' by the Pussycat Dolls, ''Maneater,'' by Nelly Furtado, ''Circus,'' by Britney Spears, and, ''Disturbia,'' by Rihanna.

At the beginning of her third show, Shawna wore a blue mini-dress that was sleeveless and semi-backless. The skirt portion of the mini-dress was pleated.

Shawna wore a piece around her neck that had a small square flap that hung down the back of her shoulder area. The flap was trimmed with two thin white lines around three edges. This flap thing looked similar to the flap on a sailor's uniform blouse. (Is blouse the correct word for the top portion of a Navy seaman's uniform?)

The mini-dress had two thin white lines around the bottom edge. It also had a red and white, horizontally stripped, breast piece and a one inch wide red ribbon tied between the breasts. The ribbon thing almost resembled a bow tie if a bow tie could be worn that far below the neck.

Shawna wore no bra with this costume, but she wore a pair of white bikini bottoms. Beneath the bikini bottoms, she wore a white thong that was tied at each hip.

On her legs, Shawna wore a pair of hip-length, white, fishnet hose with a two inch wide band of lace around the top, and for footwear, she wore a pair of white, sandal-like, shoes with black soles and black spike heels.

During this show, Shawna danced to, ''Down with the Sickness,'' by Disturbed, ''Figured you Out,'' by Nickelback, ''Coming Undone,'' by Korn, and, ''Living Dead Girl,'' by Rob Zombie.

Shawna performed quite well on stage. In fact, she actually danced. Her dancing was somewhat of a cross between dancing and prancing.

During all of her shows, Shawna exuded an air of extreme self-confidence.

While speaking with me at one point in the evening, one house dancer I know made a complimentary statement regarding Shawna's style of dancing.

While Shawna's interaction with a few randomly selected tip rail patrons wasn't exactly wild, it was quite satisfactory.

I have found Shawna to have a great personality that includes intelligence, extreme friendliness, being a very good conversationalist, and she has a very good sense of humor. Also, she obviously enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

Shawna Lenee has blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands five feet two inches tall, weighs one hundred five pounds and measures 32C-24-25.

I hope to see Shawna dance many more times; therefore, I would definitely recommend that nobody pass up an opportunity to get out to a nearby club to check out at least one of her performances and to meet her in person. I do believe they will have fun doing so.

While I can't seem to located an official website for Shawna, and I do not believe the following is it, I do recommend taking a look at: Club-ShawnaLenee.com. There are a lot of very interesting photos and video clips of Shawna on the site. Of course, if anybody has a lot of spare time on their hands, there does seem to be quite a few websites that features Shawna on them.

(No, although she is very sexy, Shawna is not the Florida lady I mentioned at the start of this column.

Nikki Sexton

Saturday evening, April 25Th, I went to the Rio Gentlemen's Club, in Los Angeles, to meet Nikki Sexton and to observe two of her shows. I might have seen three of Nikki's shows, but I just missed her first show of the evening.

For her second performance of the evening, Nikki did her dominatrix show. At the beginning of this show, she carried a long thin whip, and wore one inch wide black leather wristbands, one on each wrist. The wristbands were decorated with silver studs.

Nikki also wore a black leather corselet that laced up the back and had three silver buckles with small straps in the front. It also had a zipper that ran all the way up the front for easy removal. Nikki additionally wore black thong panties, and on her legs, she wore a pair of hip-length, black, fishnet hose. For footwear, she wore a pair of mid-thigh high, black, stiletto-heeled boots. The boots had laces at the top and a series of silver-colored things that had the appearance of some sort of fasteners all the way up the fronts of the shafts. They also had zippers on the insides of the shafts for easy removal.

Nikki ended this show with a hot candle wax bit followed by a game of cooter ball for 8X10s.

Nikki performed this show to, ''Freak On a Leash,'' by Korn, ''the Dope Show,'' by Marilyn Manson, and, ''Got the Life,'' by Korn.

For her third performance, Nikki did her school girl show. For this performance, she carried a ruler and wore her hair in braided pig tails. Additionally, Nikki wore a tight white sweater with three quarter-length sleeves and only one button secured. Nikki also wore a long, orange, white, and various shades of black plaid necktie and a short, matching, pleated mini-skirt. Beneath the sweater and the mini-skirt, she wore an orange bra and bikini panties set, and on her legs, she wore a pair of mid-thigh length white stockings. Her footwear for this show was a pair of stiletto-heeled black shoes with platform soles of moderate height.

To end this show, Nikki smeared orange body paint onto various parts of her body, then laid on large pieces of stiff white paper and made orange smiley face pictures to give to randomly selected tip rail patrons.

For this show, Nikki danced to, ''Hot for Teacher,'' by Van Halen, and, ''Another Brick in the Wall,'' by Korn. Her third song was also by Korn. However, neither the DJ nor I recognized the song, and Nikki couldn't remember what the title was. (My suffering from temporary brain death isn't so bad when I am sharing it with such good company.) Nikki's final song for this show was, ''School's Out,'' by Alice Cooper.

During the first show I observed, I noticed that Nikki did very little interacting with only two or three tip rail patrons and I. After the show, she explained to me that her customer interaction is generally quite wild, but that the club management had asked her to keep it mild. (I have previously mentioned the club owners concerns about how the features and house dancers interact and the possibility of the sex police having plain clothes officers in the club spying.)

I do not know what the deal was, but Nikki's interaction was far better, and with more customers, during the second show I saw. Whatever the deal was, all the lucky people seemed to be definitely enjoying the extra attention!

Nikki told me at one point that she isn't the best dancer around. She said that her shows aren't choreographed or really even planned in advance beyond which costume she is going to wear and to what music she is going to dance. She said that she simply goes on stage and does whatever she feels like doing at the moment. I feel that idea works very well. So far as I am concerned, Nikki is so good a performer as the majority of the features touring the circuit today!

Nikki also told me that she isn't the prettiest girl around, and I suppose it could be said that it is true. However, in my opinion, Nikki is a beautiful woman. She has long medium brown hair, green eyes, and she is five feet four inches tall, weighs ninety-five pounds and measures 34B-23-33. Nikki most definitely looked great to me!

Nikki is also very personable. I found her to be smart and very friendly, even to the point of being affectionate, plus she can hold an intelligent conversation with the best of them. She also appears to have a great sense of humor.

I personally would not mind seeing Nikki dance many more times, and I do not believe anybody else could go wrong if they were to haul themselves out to a nearby club to meet Nikki in person and to see her perform. So, if the opportunity arises, just do it!

I forgot to ask Nikki whether or not she might have an official website, and I haven't had any luck in finding one for her. However, what I did find were a lot of sites with good photos of Nikki. So, anybody who wants to see Nikki for themselves should simply take a few minutes to do an Internet search.

That brings us to a close one more time. We should all meet back here the next time and continue having fun discussing gorgeous women! Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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