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April 12, 2009 09:19am
From the Trenches April, 2009
Source: Dave Cummings - Porn Star/Producer/Director
by: Company Press Release

From the Trenches April, 2009, by Dave Cummings - Porn Star/Producer/Director

Even though the political party, the one that the religious radicals seemed to push for support of its anti-free speech agenda of hassling legitimate adult entertainment, lost the past elections, individual legislators and others continue to beat their drums. Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, California, and others still have politicians who are trying to use legislation to blur the line between Church and State. The below is just one recent example.

Last week, I was asked by an influential adult news source to comment upon a bill being proposed in a New England legislature to ban the production and distribution of porn involving anyone age 60 or older. Here are the comments I submitted: ''I wonder if prohibiting my right to work based upon age/occupation is Constitutional---is Massachusetts also restricting employment to church ministers, physicians, legislators, politicians, volunteers, public safety folks, etc, who also are over 60? Let's face it, this sounds a bit like some right-wing religious radicals might be leaning-on/influencing State law-makers, thus blurring the line between Church and State. I understand that many religious people say one thing but still masturbate and otherwise have normal sex, but then needlessly feel guilty and ''brown-nose'' their God by publicly voicing to restrict others from having normal sex with themselves or other consenting adults; then, the religious folks subsequently have normal sexual fantasies and needs again, and their ''sorrow' over their ''sin'' starts the cycle all over again, and again. Pornography is legal; obscenity is not. The legitimate Adult Industry detests any and all Child Porn, most of which originates in Eastern Europe/Russia/Asia, not in any way in the legitimate American Adult Film Industry---lawmakers and religious radicals should focus upon ridding America of child porn and the makers/consumers of it, not upon the legal Adult Entertainment Industry. In my 69 year old opinion, sex between consenting adults, or with oneself, is a God-given gift to mankind that is natural, normal, and healthy; and by healthy, I mean not only sexually, but also emotionally and physically----sex provides focus, stress relief, increased productivity, and a myriad of other beneficial effects for normal humans. I think and Pray that religious radicals learn to sexually relax, and to leave the All-American populace alone! Dave Cummings, www.davecummings.com / www.davecummings.TV Many of my above comments appear at http://www.XBIZ.com/news/106543. Perhaps certain legislators should resign and seek jobs with the clergy or the loud and vile organizations who preach against porn? Speaking of those entities, maybe the tax exempt status of some of them should be reviewed!

Luckily for me, Spring Break is almost over, and the coed groupies hopefully will soon be returning to college horny and needing some sex. With the recent slowdown of porn productions, owing not only to the economy but also to rampant piracy and copyright infringement of our adult movies, my bookings have ebbed a bit and the groupies fill a sex-need void for me! Swinging also helps to take the edge off; swingers seem so down to earth, so normal and caring, and so sexual and happy-I am thankful and blessed to be included in many swinger parties and happenings in Southern California.

Speaking of Spring Break, San Diego these past few weeks has been populated with many students who decided against their usual visits to Mexico. It's interesting to observe the guys flirting with the girls, and the girls being more focused (daytimes, at least) on getting a tanned body to bring home; it's almost like the guys want sex and beer, while the girls want sun (and sex?). The beach areas seem to now be more popular with families, too. Now that alcohol is prohibited on most San Diego beaches, I see a lot of volleyball, horseshoes, beach bocce ball, frisbee football, bike-riding, jogging, etc; interestingly, everyone looks like they are having fun, even without alcohol!

Summer is approaching. Possibly because of the economy, I see more folks than ever outdoors enjoying walks, parks, and thrifty events. As the economy recovers, I hope we retain the fun and family things that has been rekindled of late. Enjoy yourselves!

Dave Cummings

New York's VIP Elite Boutique Dating Service

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