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Kayden Kross at Twistys

April 27, 2007 12:52am
MWA: Aspen Reign, Julia Bond, Rebecca Love, jessica drake, Schevelle
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Once upon a time in a far away land called the Greater Metropolitan Los Angeles Area there lived a traveler of the night who was known as Myles Shaffer. This kind, gentlemanly, nocturnal wanderer would roam from gentleman's club to gentleman's club in search of the company of beautiful, sexy, XXX adult film stars and exotic dancers. Let us now discuss the adventurous tales of this courageous traveler's exploits.

Aspen Reign

Wednesday evening, April 18Th, I went to the Ontario Deja Vu club to see Aspen Reign and Cory and to observe Aspen's final show at this club.

I happened to arrive shortly after Aspen's second show had ended and she had come out onto the floor to do her signing. With the exception of one gentleman who wanted a Polaroid with Aspen, nobody was bothering to come over for an autograph, much less to buy anything; therefore, Aspen and I were able to chat for close to an hour before her final show and again for several minutes after the show. Then, Aspen went to cash out, and I headed home. (I had intended to go to the City of Industry Deja Vu Saturday evening, April 21st, to see Aspen one more time before she headed back east, but I wasn't able to do so for reasons I don't care to share. Let's just say that I do occasionally manage to anger my executive-vice-president-in-charge-of-back-seat-driving, which isn't a wise thing to do if there is nobody around to watch our son.)

For the one show I saw, Aspen performed her space show. Her costume for this show was silver and white and appeared to be mainly one piece. As it turned out, the costume actually consisted of a white choker with large silver studs, a bra, a bustier without breast cups, a very short mini skirt, and a sort of futuristic high collar affair with a short cape hanging from it. Beneath the costume, Aspen wore a silver and white thong decorated with rhinestones and silver studs. She also wore elbow length gloves with no fingers or thumbs and silver high heeled shoes with ankle straps.

Aspen opened the show with a number I believe is entitled, "Space Jam," and followed up with other futuristic sounding rock numbers.

Ms. Reign ended the show with a game of cooter/hooter ball with 8X10 photos as prizes.

Once again I will recommend that nobody ever pass up an opportunity to go to a club to see Aspen Reign perform and to meet her in person. Not only is Aspen a great feature dancer, she is a very intelligent, well spoken, friendly lady who has a great sense of humor and loves to meet her fans! Another good reason to go see Aspen perform is the fact that her interaction with the denizens of the tip rail is very good!

Aspen can be seen at: XXXAspen.net

While I was in the Ontario Deja Vu, I met a waitress named Montana Lynn. This young lady is a very pretty brunette with a fine looking body. She is extremely sweet, friendly, intelligent and quite well spoken. If anybody finds themselves in the vicinity of this club, stop in, look for Montana, say hello, and tip her well. She deserves it.

Julia Bond

Thursday evening, April 19Th, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino expecting to see Tory Lane. When I got there, the doorman asked me if I knew the feature. I said , "Yes, I have known Tory Lane for a couple of years now." He then told me that Tory wasn't there, Julia Bond was. For some reason I'm not aware of, Tory was canceled, and Julia was substituted. As I told the doorman, that was okay, since I also know Julia and haven't seen her for a while. In fact, I had to miss Julia, when she performed at the North Hollywood Blue Zebra Cabaret a few weeks ago.

In my honest opinion, Julia Bond is one of the cutest, yet extremely sexy looking, young women in the world today! And, she is a very sweet and friendly lady. She is also smart and a good conversationalist. Last but not least, I do believe that she truly enjoys meeting and conversing with her fans.

In the couple of years I have known her, Julia has become so good a performer as many of the features I have seen and better than some. In addition to performing well on stage, she commits excellent interaction with randomly selected tip rail patrons, both men and women alike!

I could only stay long enough to observe Julia's first show of the evening. For the show I saw, Julia wore a lacy black bra and pantie set, fingerless lace gloves, stiletto heeled shoes, and a long white boa around her neck.

I go to a club to see Julia perform any time I can, and if she is good enough for me, I can't see any reason why others should ever pass up an opportunity to go to a club to see her perform and to meet her in person. It will certainly be a whole lot more fun than attempting to give the cat a pill. I've done both. Trust me, seeing Julia will absolutely be more fun!

JuliaBond.com doesn't seem to get it done any longer, and I haven't had any luck in finding a new website for her. However, there seems to be many sites on the Net where photos of Julia can be found.

Rebecca Love

After saying goodnight to Julia, I went over to the nearby Ultimate Tens Showgirls to observe Rebecca Love's final show of the evening and to chat with her for a while.

When I first arrived at the club with Jonathan in tow, an employee that I know from the Rio, which I learned is a sister club, went to Rebecca's dressing room and told her we were there. Rather than come out to say hello in her underwear, Rebecca had the employee show us into the dressing room to chat with her for several minutes.

The show I saw this evening is one I think I've seen before, and if I'm not completely mistaken, Rebecca calls it her Jessica Rabbit show.

Her costume consisted of a sleeveless and shoulder-less, floor length, red evening grown that was covered with red sequins and slit up one side all the way to her hip. She wore red, stiletto heeled, shoes that were studded with rhinestones. She also wore red panties that, while not what I would call a thong, completely exposed her buns, and beautiful buns they are!

In the middle of the show, Rebecca sat a chair in the middle of the stage, selected a customer to come up and sit in the chair, and then gave said customer a mini lap dance.

Once she was nude, Rebecca placed dabs of whipped cream on various areas of her body, placed a cherry in the middle of the whipped cream, then had tip rail patrons eat the whipped cream and cherries from her body. (it took me a while to get all the excess whipped cream out of my moustache.) Needless-to-say, Rebecca's interaction with the tip rail patrons is excellent!

Rebecca performed this show to various rock numbers.

While not very tall, Rebecca is a lovely woman with a great looking body. She is also quite intelligent, well spoken, has a great sense of humor, and loves to meet and speak with her fans.

If anybody gets an opportunity to go to a club to see Rebecca Love perform and to meet her in person, do not allow said opportunity to slip away. Go see her, enjoy her shows, and maybe buy a Polaroid, 8X10, or a DVD.

If Rebecca isn't booked in a nearby club in the immediate future, begin bugging the owners and managers of the local clubs until they give in and book Rebecca to feature at their clubs.

Look for Rebecca at: RebeccaLove.com

jessica drake

Friday afternoon, April 20Th, I went to the City of Industry Spearmint Rhino to observe jessica drake's matinee show and to chat with her for a few minutes.

For this matinee, jessica performed her Moulin Rouge show. Her costume for this show was a red and black Moulin Rouge style costume. She wore a rhinestone choker and rhinestone wrist bands to match. She also wore elbow length black gloves. Her costume was a two piece affair which consisted of a mini skirt, for lack of a better description, and a bodice like top which had a huge black bow on the lower back. Additionally, she wore black panties that had short strings of rhinestones dangling from the lower edges and black fishnet pantyhose.

I don't know whether I should call her footwear high topped shoes or low cut boots. What I do know is that they were black and had stiletto heels and platform souls.

jessica opened this show with, "Moulin Rouge," a.K.a. "Lady Marmalade," and also danced to, "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," and other music from the, "Moulin Rouge," soundtrack.

Ms. drake performs very well on stage, and she commits excellent up close and personal interaction with the denizens of the tip rail.

jessica drake is a beautiful women with a great looking body. She is very friendly, quite intelligent, very well spoken, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. She also very much enjoys meeting her fans.

I would strongly advise everybody to never pass up an opportunity to go to a club to see jessica perform and to meet her in person. She will be well worth the time and effort!

Ogle jessica at: jessicadrake.com


Friday night, I went to the Rio Gentleman's Club to spend the evening hanging out with Schevelle and to observe all three of her shows.

Does this lady have a good memory or what? I first met her at the 2005 Exotic Dancer Fan Fair tradeshow. I met her for the second time at the 2006 Exotic Dancer Fan Fair tradeshow, and she recognized me. Even though this evening was only our third meeting in one year, seven months and approximately one week, Schevelle recognized me immediately and even remembered my name.

For her first show of the evening, Schevelle wore a costume which consisted of a headpiece with red horns, a red face mask and a bra like piece that connected in the front to what amounted to an almost floor length loin cloth. This assembly was all red and decorated with rhinestones and sequins. Her shoes were red with clear platform soles and stiletto heels. Beneath all this, Schevelle wore a red G-string covered with red sequins. She also carried a little red and black pitchfork and a golden fiddle and bow onto the stage.

Additionally, she had a rectangular box sitting on one end of the stage. This box contained some sort of a blower devise and a row of different colored lights. The blowers kept a large, flame shaped piece of cloth extended upward and fluttering in the breeze while the lights cast multiple colors onto the cloth making it appear to be fire.

As soon as Schevelle mounted the stage, she dropped the pitchfork and began pretending to play the fiddle as Charlie Daniels, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia,' began playing to open the show. (the rest of her music was rather sinister sounding rock songs that went along with the devil theme of her show.)

Schevelle's interaction with the tip rail patrons was more a part of the show than the common everyday interaction in the fact that she would stick 3X5 pictures of herself onto various parts of her body and allow the people to retrieve them with their teeth. Then, more toward the end of the show, she would place cherries on various parts of her body and allow people to retrieve them with their mouths.

For the second show, Schevelle did her Cat Woman show. For this, she wore a black latex full head mask with ears, a black latex bustier that exposed her breasts and long, black, latex pants. Her footwear was knee high, stiletto heeled, black boots. Beneath the costume, she wore a long sleeved, midriff style, fishnet top and leopard print thong panties. She also came onto the stage carrying a black whip. For props, she had a large stuffed toy tiger lying in a prone position and a stuffed toy leopard in a sitting position placed on either side of the pole facing in opposite directions.

She once again allowed customers to remove 3X5 pictures from her body with their teeth. This time, after all the pictures were gone, it was whipped cream and cherries, and she allowed the people at the rail to have dessert off of various parts of her body. (I must be getting better at this. It didn't take me quite so much work to get the whipped cream out of my moustache this time around.)

This show was once again performed to rock music.

For her final show of the evening, Schevelle performed her cowgirl show. Her costume consisted of a white cowboy hat and a white leather western style jacket with long fringe hanging from the sleeves and the shoulders and decorated with large silver studs. She also wore white pants like leather chaps and white shoes with clear plastic platform soles and stiletto heels. Beneath her costume, Schevelle wore a purple bra and G-string both of which were covered with purple sequins.

Toward the end of this show, Schevelle once again allowed people to remove 3X5 pictures from her body with their teeth and retrieve cherries from various parts of her body with their lips.

Schevelle opened the show to Kid Rock's, "Want to be a Cowboy," followed by Big and Rich's, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," followed by other rock songs with a western theme to them.

At one point during this show, Schevelle came to me, bent over in front of me, and stuck a picture to her left bun. I stood up, and just as I was starting to lean toward her, the picture fell to the stage floor. I saw it fall and thought, "Oh what the hell." I leaned over and kissed Schevelle in the exact spot the picture had fallen from which caused everybody in the club to laugh, including Schevelle.

After the show, Schevelle and I were talking. At one point I said, "Oh, by the way Schevelle, I think we have clearly established the fact that I would be more than willing to kiss your butt any time."

Schevelle began to laugh and said that I had cracked everybody up with that one. She then said, "I think you entertained them more than I did!"

I shouldn't have to say anything else by now, but just in case anybody might be a little slow on the pick up, Schevelle is a wonderful, fun loving, lady with a fantastic sense of humor! It has been quite a while since I was able to spend an entire evening with one feature, and quite a while since I have had so much fun with a feature. I can hardly wait to spend time with Schevelle again!

Schevelle is a beautiful lady with a great looking body. She is also Miss Personality Plus!

When it comes to performing, Schevelle, even though she is young, is one of the best features I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. In fact, she has a bachelor's degree with a major in dance! Now that should tell people something!

If anybody finds that Schevelle will be coming to a club near them, do not fail to go see her perform and meet her in person. She is an absolute must see. And, if she is not going to be coming to anybodies area any time soon, start driving the owners and managers of the local clubs insane with requests until they give in and book her!

If anybody lives in the vicinity of Tucson, Arizona, Schevelle will be featuring at Tens Showclub May first through the fifth.

For those who may live near Carencro, Louisiana, she will be featuring at Desperados May twenty-first through the twenty-sixth.

Of course, she has many other gigs on her busy schedule. So, anybody who doesn't live in Tucson or Carencro should visit her website and check her schedule at: Schevelle.com

I almost forgot to mention that Schevelle was voted 2006 Nude Entertainer of the Year.

Well good people, that is it for another week. Everybody stay safe and live life as if there were no tomorrow, and we will all meet back here the next time to continue the discussion of gorgeous, sexy, women!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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